Noûs Formaciones courses

From Academia Noûs Formaciones we offer Spanish as a foreign language courses, both for students who come to learn Spanish to our city, and to all those new residents who start or wish to perfect the language. Our Academy has extensive experience in teaching and organizing Spanish courses for foreigners and our faculty has the authorization of the Ministry of Education to teach Spanish Language.

The methodology in the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language is a combination of a theoretical part, where the grammatical part is combined, and a practical part with many activities to be able to express what has been learned. In this second part the conversations, redactions and debates are strengthened, which help us to internalize what is already known.

The teaching is done entirely in Spanish and without the use of any other supporting language, using the direct and situational communicative method, seeking mental association between the object and the concept of the word or corresponding words in Spanish

comfortable stay is an essential part of your experience while studying abroad

We understand the importance of offering a satisfying service during the time you will be around.

Spanish teaching program with activities

This programme is specially drawn out for students that are looking for an “all-inclusive” option of studies.

It includes the Spanish lessons, accommodation and an arrangement of extracurricular activities and excursions. Lessons normally take place in the mornings while games, cultural activities, sightseeing and outings occupy our evenings.

Zaragoza offers tons of opportunities for the carrying out of these activities. These include cultural visits to Zaragoza Expo, Zaragoza Romana, Goya … As well as to places of entertainment that cover Espace room, tapeo “Juepinchio”; practice of horse riding, adventure sports …

Ideal for students who need to learn Spanish at a normal speed, without loads of lessons, and at the same time want to find a balance between the course and their possible free time.

Designed for students who need to learn at a faster rate and therefore need to fully commit to their Spanish lessons. These classes are mainly centred on the revision of grammatical and lexical skills for better communicative output.

Specially designed for students with special needs that require special lexical skills pertaining to specific fields such business, marketing, law…

Focused on the obtaining of any of the levels of the official DELE Examinations (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2)

Learners receive a one-to-one lesson. This modality offers an undivided attention from the teacher, an analysis of the learner´s particular needs and the creation of a specific programme for each student.


If you want to share flat with people who permanently live in Zaragoza, families are carefully chosen to host international learners. This enables a full immersion in the language and also quickly improves the learner´s competence.


Situated in the city centre and therefore near our school, each student is offered a single room in a shared flat.


For those students in search of total privacy, the idea of renting a full flat for themselves is the most advisable option.