Our language school is located in a matchless area of the city on Calle Sierra de Gúdar, a 5 minute walk from Plaza del Pilar, itself located in the city centre. From our school you can get to places of interest on foot.

Our school offers all the necessary facilities to learn Spanish in an international and comfortable environment. Here, you will be able to learn and study with native teachers alongside other high qualified teachers with a lot of years of experience in the instruction of Spanish as a foreign/second language. Our system is based on a communicative approach- involving dialogues and oral-written expressions.

Our school is made up of 5 classrooms, a common space, a computer room with FREE access to the Internet and an exit to a pedestrian street.

academias en zaragoza

academias en zaragoza

6 Solid Reasons for Learning Spanish with Us

What is remarkable regarding your stay in a country which isn´t yours is the fact that you are going to be in constant contact with native speakers of the language spoken there. This way, you will be exposed to everyday situations which you will have to cope with using different linguistic mechanisms. Therefore, your listening alongside your oral competence pertaining that specific language are bound to improve notably.
Academias inglés zaragoza

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Academias en Zaragoza

You will have the opportunity to know and understand a different culture. However, the best thing of all is that you will meet very interesting people and make new friends that can last a lifetime.

Studying abroad is not only a way to improve your skills in a different language, but also allows you to live a unique life experience that will mark you forever.